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A flat wallet is different from a traditional women's clutch wallet as it can be opened with one hand and laid flat, giving easy access to your credit cards, ID and checkbook. If you have ever been at the store checkout and tried to juggle a cell phone, or a toddler on your hip, and pull out your credit card to pay, you will benefit from using a flat wallet. You can open the flat wallet with one hand by pushing the clasp, causing the wallet to flip open. It lays on a hinge, so you can easily see your credit cards and pull one out to pay for your purchases.

Many of our thick flat wallets include a matching, removable checkbook cover, as well as a checkbook insert built into the wallet. This gives you the option of keeping your checkbook inside the wallet, or using the checkbook cover separately.

The designs are stylish enough to carry the wallet alone as a clutch. If you have never used a flat wallet, you will be pleasantly surprised at the stylishness and convenience of this type of clutch wallet. They also make excellent gifts, so stock up today.